Over the last few months we’ve been continuing to update My Employee Life. We didn’t want to bother everyone until we were happy that it was the right time to do so. Here are the highlights.

Introducing Actions

We originally called this Tasks, but decided to call it what it really is – Actions. Think of this as a really simple way to keep a log of important things that need to get done. We tend to use it just like a To-Do list, but also as part of the work log process to keep a record of everything that was completed.

If you are an Administrator, we have created a few new fields when creating new forms that prompt people to list important actions for the following week. This is a really handy field to add to your custom Work Log. Simply by asking ‘what are the most important things you need to achieve next week’, everyone can enter these, they automatically get logged as an Action, and can be updated accordingly. Check it out for yourself.

Improved Experience For Administrators

Administrators were already able to configure system settings according preferences. We’ve spent quite a bit of time making it much easier to add, edit and remove employees and allocate them to groups. Through December we will continue to make a few slight changes but it is now already much easier to use.

We’re now fully SAAS

My Employee Life has grown up and now become a fully-fledged Software-As-A-Service product. This makes it much easier for new customers to trial directly from our website, which has allowed us to keep our costs low. An online payments capability is just around the corner, stay tuned.

We’ve also added to our suite of services

We were a consulting company before we were a software company, and we know that software is only part of the story. Due to popular demand, we have continued to develop a small range of services that complement our software product:

  • Create A Performance Drumbeat. We work with our customers to co-create the cycle of success habits that will get you on the way to achieving your goals. Workshops/templates from just $1,500.
  • Identify Risks & Blind Spots. Instead of doing another employee survey that nobody likes to answer, our technique can identify problems, risks and blind spots with just 3 questions. From just $1,500.
  • Verified Workplace. To succeed, you will need to attract the right people into the team. We can help you answer the question ‘what’s it REALLY like to work here?’. From just $2,500.

We’ve also created an option where we partner with customers to support a continuous improvement program from as little as $500 per month. Contact us for more information.