The problem is too much to do.

Every organisation on the planet will at some point want to find new ways to improve workplace success.  Your workplace may even be asking itself ‘what more can we do to improve performance’?

Artificial Intelligence and HR Analytics are promising, but of course this requires time, effort and resources to get right.  In today’s world of tight budgets, resource constraints and too much to do, the problem is that everyone is already overwhelmed and has too much to do.  There is no time to implement new processes, systems and solutions!

Without room to move, everything becomes stuck and nothing meaningful can happen which is a significant problem for things like employee engagement and customer experience.

It is a problem for many organisations, small and large.

The solution is to create more space.

We have created a technique called Less Is More, a type of 30-day sprint that achieves two simple but important things.  First, it highlights anything that is currently unnecessary and getting in the way of your workplace’s success.  You know, unnecessary processes, wasteful spending, things that don’t make sense to anyone. Second, it ensures there is an action plan to remove or eliminate these things, delivering immediate benefits.  This then creates the space needed to implement other things that need to happen without everyone feeling there is even more to do.  It’s a streamlined approach that generates immediate measurable outcomes.


  1. We ask everyone just three simple questions to tap into their expertise.
  2. With results available instantly, we support teams to co-create action plans within specific guidelines.
  3. We help to keep everyone accountable to their plan.
  4. We help you communicate the outcomes of everyone’s efforts.  Yes, ensuring every single idea is addressed!

Within 30 days, your workplace will have taken actions that improve productivity, efficiency and employee engagement without doing anything more!    Repeat the process a few months later and keep the cycle going.

Already doing too many surveys?  If you aren’t already getting the outcomes you need from your existing employee surveys, stop doing them and replace with our technique.

Will everyone participate?  In our experience, people love suggesting ways that will make their working life easier.  They also love seeing immediate action and tangible results.

Why is this approach effective?

We help you move away from relying on business leaders to figure everything out themselves and implement suggestions ‘top-down’ that nobody ends up feeling any ownership over.  It’s the people who are closest to the action that know exactly what isn’t working, they just need to be asked in the right way.  When each team/department discusses what should be eliminated, it gives them input and ownership over the outcomes – this is incredibly engaging. 

The great news is that it creates minimal disruption to existing day-to-day activities. We are here to help all the way.