Thanks for checking out My Employee Life.  We’re quite a bit different to other HR-style software products that tend to be purely about technology.  Behind the scenes we are a group of experienced business consultants who decided to develop a software product because we noticed a gap in the market.

Whilst most companies know the importance of goal-setting, not too many are comfortable with the process.  This is often because goals become too complicated, and focus attention towards things that don’t really matter.  The secret to our solution is that we focus attention on first identifying the key leading indicators that will lead to the best outcomes.  and then focus on a small number of leading indicators of success.  Without the knowledge to identify these, goals become frustrating for most people, and this leads to decreases in performance.

Our other secret sauce is that we haven’t forgotten the value of people speaking with each other.  Whilst technology is great, performance is still all about interactions between people.  Consider My Employee Life as a conversation starter that helps to guide better conversations.

What we know is that the clearer people are about goals, expectations, standards and things that need doing, the better off everyone else is.

If you are looking for ways to improve workplace performance, get in touch.   All of our products and services are available to anyone in the world because we deliver everything online (which also keeps our costs down).  And like we said, we are more about the outcome (improving performance) than the tool (technology platform).

Meet The Team

Behind every successful work is a dedicated and hardworking team who made it happen. Here are the people behind My Employee Life.


Jason Buchanan

Workplace Success Specialist





Mike Galan

Software Developer


Katharine Torre

Support Consultant


Crisel Blenda Fernandez

Digital Marketing Consultant

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